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San Loyd | Freelance Developer & Designer | Logo

It always feels weird writing “hi” in a bio.

I'm a developer, designer and hobbyist photographer. I've taken a startup through an accelerator, raised seed funding and failed to raise a Series A. I love making things. I'm fascinated by Natural Language Programming, and I'm determined to continually be learning. In my spare time, I write

about things I’ve learned reading and living.

Some other things about me

I have partnered with Katch, a marketing, PR and branding agency based in Dubai and London as their Director of Disruption. I provide the web, app and development skills to offer their clients a more comprehensive range of products and services. Find out more about Katch


I recently created a small SAAS business to help venues keep customer trust and implement the NHS Test and Trace program. It is called Sign Me In Here and you can find it


I currently run a digital presence consultancy called

, helping companies put their best foot forward on the web. We work as a freelance collective and help our clients with branding, design, development and content creation. We can help companies at any stage of their life.

A few years ago, I co-founded an EdTech startup called Currikula. We raised money, joined Ignite Accelerator, had over 10,000 users, and our customer base was growing. But it wasn’t enough, and we ceased operations in early 2019.

During my tenure at Currikula I wrote a book on best essay writing practises with my co-founder, Justin. It is called

and gives students actionable tips on how to improve their essays quickly. You can find an ebook and paperback copy on .