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Whether it is designing a website, app, or going through with a client on a new brand direction, combining graphic design with user experience leads to amazing products. Design can help or hinder your company, don't leave it to last, don't forget it and make sure you give your users the best experience possible. Reach out to me today if you'd like to talk design. I have experiencing creating apps, website and software but also branded content, logos, pamphlets and posters.

Here is some of my previous work

Label LIVE

Caylan approached me to work on a total redesign of his label printing SAAS business. We went through a three-stage iterative design process, working on a complete rebrand of his site. Taking inspiration from his original copy style, I designed something fun and friendly as the label printing industry has traditionally quite dull and boring design language.

We continue to add UI / UX functionality to the site as the project moves from stage 1 to 2 - we added search functionality and a feature tour. (I also built this site)


Simon wanted to redevelop his old qualitative research website with a new custom design inspired by his favourite images. We created a website design that invoked lots of movement and incorporated lots of mini animations and fluid transitions. Check out the homepage hero animation and the wandering feet across the site.

Simon likes to blog, so he wanted to improve the experience for his readers, which became a core focus of our later design work. (I also built this site)

Sign Me In Here

Sign Me In Here is small SAAS project I concieved as a way to help venues and small businesses handle implementing the track and trace program. It features a series of user generated forms, dashboards for tracking usage and poster generation so that venues don't have to worry about creating anything. They sign up and they are good to go.

The landing page design is inspired by Stripe and Tailwind UI as I wanted a quick polished look. Please use the link below to find the live site or view the screenshots to the side.

Prose | Landing Page

I built a landing page for Prose to provide a quick explanation for those interested in the product. The aesthetic had to go hand in hand with the end product. It has a modern design, based on similar platforms and tech business style website where the software itself becomes the main focus of the page.

Therefore, most of the site is designed to provide larger viewing of the software and let people get a real sense for what the final release version will look like. To extend this philosophy as time goes on, I would add gifs of the product in use and include sub-pages with more information and perhaps product demo videos. But this fulfils the need for a simple landing page.

Freelance Writer | Portfolio

For this project I created a single page design freelancer portfolio. It bought together a clean interface and desgin based on converstaions with the client and reflected aesthetic and colour choices that matched her taste. With simple animations to bring content onto the page the website feels more alive and engages slightly with the viewer as they scroll down. Designed with modules in mind, this project allows high levels of flexibility if the client wishes to add content, change its location or even add new pages.

A London List

A London List is a directory of place to go and visit in London and as such needed to focus on two things. Firstly, it needed to be quick to navigate, hence having the search bar bright and the centre of the home page. Secondly, it needed to have a focus on visuals as most people decide whether or not to go to different places based on what it looks like.

Combining that with a mobile-focused user meant the entire app is designed mobile-first and was built to be installable on peoples phones.

Walla Crag | Holiday Flat

Walla Crag is a lovely flat in the centre of Keswick in the Lake District. Over the course of the week I stayed there, I photographed the entire flat and created a microsite for the owners to assist with future lettings (creating these micro rental property advertisements is a service I offer). The design was simple, with calming blues that match the decor of the flat. It took particular advantage of Lake District photography, some my own and some kindly copyright-free, to really give you a sense of the town and surrounding areas.

Naturally having a large number of images would slow down regular sites, so this site was designed to accommodate that (something that should be accounted for in the development). If you'd like to find out more about Walla Crag or just view the live site, please find the link below.


Currikula was a startup I co-founded in 2017 and went through many different design iterations as the product evolved and the user's needs expanded. Currikula was an edTech platform designed to change the way students wrote essays. I designed a platform that allowed users to take notes, write essays, edit, check for plagiarism, reference and see their project progression all in one suite of tools.

Throughout Currikula's life, we progressed from single feature functionality to an expanded array of tools. This, in turn, resulted in multiple changes to what the platform looked like, eventually resulting in the predominantly white with green accent design that you see below.

Nightway App

A nightlife app for students. The premise of this app was that students could easily access promotions for a particular night out. They could see where their friends were going and join guest lists created by promoters. Promoters could easily track how many people they had on their guest list and accept or decline requests to join.

FourCast Sports App

FourCast Sports was an app with the specific goal of providing in-field advice to cricketers. It would present them with finite weather reports for match day and use previous days data to determine the state of the ground. The layout is simple, aimed at providing all the information needed to make critical decisions during a match at a glance. For the keen amateur, it had helpful popups to explain how things worked and the importance of certain information.


Doppl is a side project I designed when coming up with a simple analytics platform for Instagram that would function in the browser rather than through an app. It provides vital information about the users account at a glance, shows statistical trends and their recent actions. As well as information on the most recent posts, how they performed and how they compare to previous ones.